Our Mission...

Our Mission at FastTrader® is to give as many people as possible access to Institutional Bank Grade AI trading Software.

Additionally, we aim to give our members access to financial tools and personal growth tools to help them “Do Better” in all aspects of life.

We feel so strongly that one stream of income in today’s world cannot give you enough to create the life you have dreamt of for yourself, your family, and those close to you – so we want to help as many people as possible gain multiple streams of income using our platform. 

Our Why...

At FastTrader®, we realize that the average person/family struggles to meet monthly obligations and effectively save for retirement. Our current financial systems and structures do not produce positive outcomes for many.

We also understand that the number one reason for divorce in Western Countries is financial hardship; the cost to our social systems and economy, as a result, is devastating. We believe that a small amount can turn into substantial amounts over time using our AI trading software’s changing the financial trajectory of those who join us and thus ease the financial stress that leads to these unfortunate outcomes.

It’s for this reason we work tirelessly to create tools and a platform where people can come together to share a common interest and a desire to do better in as many areas of one’s life as possible. 

Johnny Robinson


Johnny also has a background in financial services, specifically in the pension and retirement planning sector. Whilst helping his clients to plan their financial future, Johnny soon realised that his meetings were mostly filled with financial fear and anxiety.

Many of his clients seemed to be in states of emergency, with some requiring serious growth in order to accumulate enough retirement assets to provide an income that slightly represents what they need to enjoy later life. From there Johnny started researching and investing into trading software’s that would give him a second income and top up his own pension. His job role changed because of his newfound interest in the financial markets, and he was quickly heading up a Forex trading company.

After working for a well-established company, Johnny took the jump and had the opportunity to put what he had learnt to use, and Fasttrader was born. Johnny had found a way to create multiple streams of income not only for himself and his business partner, but to help others on their way to financial freedom by offering services with no subscription costs and fees to be paid ONLY when people are profitable on their trading accounts.

Fast forward to now, and hundreds of members at Fasttrader not only have access to the trading software’s that creates income but they have the opportunity to build their own business utilising the Fasttrader ‘Buildfast’ platform and the tools Johnny and Jack have made available to them.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated software uses complex algorithms to read trends and self-adjusts to market conditions. Leveraging AI integrated platforms means the computers can make decisions faster and without emotion.

Leverage our AI to Get Back Your Time!

FASTTRADER® AI Software for automated trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept the potential for the loss of your capital in order to trade in any market, but especially the FOREX and Crypto markets. Don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose. 

Residents of Canada are not permitted to: (i) open an account with Sapphire, (ii) join FASTTRADER or use its software; or (iii) participate in its BUILDFAST affiliate program.

FASTTRADER® is an entity registered in the UK and abides by the chartered laws of the UK. Neither FASTTRADER® as a company, nor our employees, nor our contractors or affilates are in any way acting as financial advisors in any jurisdiction. We do not provide professional services or advice in areas such as legal, tax or investing. We suggest you engage qualified professionals to advise you for the specific situations for your geography. As a global company, each of our clients from various countries has different regulations and requirements that are beyond our scope of knowledge and expertise.

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