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Our mission is to give access to enterprise grade automated trading software to anyone wanting to engage in the FOREX or CRYPTO markets.

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How Does It Work?

FASTTRADER AI software connects with Sapphire Markets brokerage accounts with a few easy steps. From there your account leverages our AI with no additional effort on your part.

What Are The Risks?

Trading the forex and crypto markets is very high risk, you should not invest funds you may need access to at short notice as this is not always possible. You should also not invest funds you can afford to lose. While we have been very profitable during our time trading we cannot guarantee future results and past performance should not be used to indicate future returns. This is a mid-long term investment opportunity and not a ‘get rich quick; opportunity so do not invest without doing your own research first to completely understand the platform.

Our Trading Philosophy

At FASTTRADER, we believe nobody should risk more than they are willing to lose. Furthermore,  we suggest you take partial withdrawals along the way in order to reduce your risk’ . While our software programs to date have performed very well, past performance does not guarantee future results. We suggest reducing risks when appropriate.

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Open your brokerage account and be trading the markets the very same day.

Use the Power of AI

Our software makes unemotional and automated decisions using the power of AI. Let the computer systems do the work! Our intuitive AI software analyzes the FOREX and CRYPTO markets to actively seek opportunities to be engaged in the markets. The software also seeks to minimize potential impacts when the unexpected happens. Computers can make decisions much faster than a human!

Frequent Access

We aim to have withdrawals opportunities every quarter

Please understand that full account balance withdrawals are not always possible every quarter as your funds are actively being traded on the market. In this instance, we will always give you the opportunity of a partial withdrawal.

Our Crypto AI requires a 12-month commitment of funds

Keep Track of Your Accounts

Use our dedicated PAMM Portal to easily track your investments, make deposits, make withdrawals, and pull reports.

Our Packages

BUILDFAST | Become an Affiliate

Join BuildFast – Our advanced & generous affiliate marketing platform. We Share the Wealth.

After joining FASTTRADER you can choose to become part of our optional BUILDFAST  – Sign just three people up to Fasttrader and your subscription to use the platform is now covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Minimum Account Size?

You need to open your trading account with a minimum of $500 to get connected to our software. Please note this is a mid-long term investment opportunity so we always suggest not investing funds you may need to access at short notice or funds you cannot afford to lose.

What's the best way to deposit funds?

The easiest way to send funds is by bank transfer/wire. You can send funds directly from your bank to the broker. Crypto deposits are also available for those who have used this method before.

When can I withdraw?

Our FOREX program is more flexible than most and we aim to enable withdrawal windows multiple times a quarter in our Forex AI. Our Crypto AI requires a 12-month commitment of funds due to the nature of the trades.

How Safe Are My Accounts?

Like all investments, there is an element of risk you must understand. You could lose all the funds invested in our program if the unexpected happens. You cannot however lose more than you invest due to how our program is structured.

We recommend not investing funds you cannot afford to lose. Our track record shows we have historically done very well, but the past can never be a guarantee of the future.  FASTTRADER® has a unique model, we don’t make money as a company if you don’t make money.  

Unless you make a profit, we do not take a performance fee from your account!  We shoulder the risk along with you.  

What is Forex?

FOREX is short for Foreign exchange. Have you ever been on holiday and changed up some money for the currency of the country you are visiting? Then you have already made a “trade”.

Exchanging one currency pair for another is trading the foreign exchange market however this is done digitally on the markets with our software

Can I invite people to join FASTTRADER®?

Yes!  Our optional BUILDFAST® Affilate program is available to help you get started.  Invite your friends into the program and we help reward you for your efforts.  Our goal is to help accelerate you on the path to financial freedom!

What is a PAMM?

PAMM is an industry acronym for Percentage Allocation Management Module.

The PAMM Portal gives you insight into the percentage allocated to you based on your deposits, your percentage of profits (less any withdrawals.)

Our PAMM portal is where you login to see your account status, make deposits, make withdrawals, etc.

Do You Charge for Withdrawals?

The broker does not charge you for withdrawals, however, there may be a small fee charged by your bank for revising or changing the currency depending on your jurisdiction

Am I able to deposit at any time?

YES, you can top up your trading account at any time and the software will adjust accordingly.

How do I keep track of my investments?

We have a special PAMM Portal which enables easy tracking of when our softwares post profits or losses.

Where do my funds go if I wish to invest?

Your funds are held in your own broker account that only you have access to.

Once you have funded your account you then simply connect it to our software and it will start trading on your behalf.

What is AI

AI is short for artificial intelligence; this is an automatic algorithm that our software is programmed to use to make split-second decisions.

By using AI to analyze the markets we can take out the factor of human emotion such as fear and greed out of the decisions. Emotions often lead to bad decisions. The software is also able to analyze and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions much faster than a human can.

How Am I Taxed On Profits

This will depend entirely on your country of residence and the tax laws there.

We cannot advise on this matter so would recommend getting advice from a licenced accountant. The broker can provide you with monthly statements from your trading account.

How safe are my funds at the broker?

The broker we leverage is a Straight Through Processing (STP) broker.  

This means each trade is passed through to the market directly through a complex aggregator matrix to achieve the best pricing and protection possible.

Each of our 12 different Liquidity Providers (LP) is regulated in various jurisdictions to ensure that client funds are held safely and protected at all times.

There are strict capital adequacy measures as well that need to be fulfilled by these providers including segregation of funds. These measures help provide geographically distributed liquidity for clients, asset protection as well as trading competition for the best pricing possible.

Am I Eligible To Open an Account?

You need to be 18 years old or legal age as determined by the laws of the country where you live in order to open an account.

Residents of Canada are not permitted to: (i) open an account with Sapphire, (ii) join FASTTRADER or use its software; or (iii) participate in its BUILDFAST affiliate program.

It is the responsibility of the client to ascertain the terms of and comply with any local laws or regulations to which they are subject. Please note that as your account grows, many jurisdictions require you to disclose the existence of your account and pay appropriate taxes.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated software uses complex algorithms to read trends and self-adjusts to market conditions. Leveraging AI integrated platforms means the computers can make decisions faster and without emotion.

Leverage our AI to Get Back Your Time!

FASTTRADER AI Software for automated trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept the potential for the loss of your capital in order to trade in any market, but especially the FOREX and Crypto markets. Don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose. 

Residents of Canada are not permitted to: (i) open an account with Sapphire, (ii) join FASTTRADER or use its software; or (iii) participate in its BUILDFAST affiliate program.

FASTTRADER is an entity registered in the UK and abides by the chartered laws of the UK. Neither FASTTRADER as a company, nor our employees, nor our contractors or affilates are in any way acting as financial advisors in any jurisdiction. We do not provide professional services or advice in areas such as legal, tax or investing. We suggest you engage qualified professionals to advise you for the specific situations for your geography. As a global company, each of our clients from various countries has different regulations and requirements that are beyond our scope of knowledge and expertise.

Our website, emails or other communication is neither a solicitation nor an offer to buy/sell specific financial instruments or securities, nor is it an offer or solicitation of investment products or services in any jurisdiction where their offer or sale or performance is not qualified or exempt from registration.

No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on our website or other communications. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.